Noakbridge Medical Centre

Bridge Street, Basildon, SS15 4EZ

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Telephone: 01268 284 285

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Out of Hours: 111

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Medical Examination and Reports

The following list gives a breakdown of the cost for private examinations and reports that are available at Noak Bridge Medical Centre.

Copy of Records: £10 + £1 per sheet of paper

Bus Pass Form: £30 (Each)

Private Medical Certificate: £20.

Private Prescription Charge: £15 (Non NHS Scripts)

Fitness for Gym Letter (1 sided): From £30

Letters: From £30

Advertising/Theatre Medicals (Children): £50

Cancellation of Holiday: £50

General Medicals: From £100
– Each will need to be assessed individually

Taxi/HGV/Driving Medicals: £135