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Malaria Information

What precautions should I take when I travel?

Malaria occurs throughout the world in tropical areas. Before travel outside Europe, North America and Australasia, it is important to check the destination’s malarial risk and to be aware of the severity of the malaria effects.

Advice about malaria varies from country to country, but as a general rule:

Higher risk is West Africa, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Amazon basin
Moderate risk is East and southern Africa, South America, Indian subcontinent
Lower risk is South-east Asia (with exceptions), Central America

Consider the type of travel:
Travel in rural areas, jungle trips and treks, particularly with outdoor sleeping, increases risk. High altitude may eliminate risk – there is no risk of malaria in Nairobi, Addis Ababa or Machu Picchu because they are so far above sea level.

Please fill in the TRAVEL PLANNER in plenty of time before your date of travel and hand this to reception in order for the nurse to check if immunisations are require.

Download the TRAVEL FORM 1 & 2 by CLICKING here

We prescribe Malaria prophylaxis for patients travelling to AT RISK Destinations. Always discuss this with the nurse.

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